Salmon Irresistible Pink Candied

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Wild Pink Salmon Candy 227 g/pk - Ocean Wise. This pack is Gluten-free and ready to eat.

How Do We Make Our Wild Pink Salmon Candy?

Organic Ocean salmon candy has just 4 simple pure ingredients: wild pink salmon, brown sugar, non-iodized salt and hot smoked with natural hardwood smoke. We pack our candy into convenient ½ lb (227 g) packs making it a perfect size for sharing.

How to prepare pink salmon candy?

Pierce the vacuum packed bag to let air enter and thaw in the refrigerator overnight for optimum results. Ready to eat on their own, crumbled overtop of your favourite salad or add to your favourite Alfredo sauce and pasta, Organic Ocean candied salmon is an easy and convenient addition to your snacks and meals. Want to make a fancy appetizer? Top cucumber rounds with goat cheese and our pink salmon candy for a perfect canapé that will impress your guests. Your gonna love our Irresistible Pink Salmon Candy, enjoy :)