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Char Arctic

Char Arctic

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Organic Ocean brings us skin-on, wild arctic char portions. Coming in 6oz / 170g. Arctic Char is a cold water fish native to arctic and sub-arctic lakes and coastal waters. No other freshwater fish is found as far north. Arctic Char is closely related to salmon and trout and shares many of its characteristics. Organic Ocean Arctic Char are raised on land in tanks and raceways where pure spring water is drawn from a confined artesian aquifer and held at a constant 8°C. This provides the ideal environment to create an unparalleled consistency in quality and taste. Raised without the use of antibiotics, pesticides or growth hormones, Arctic Char is high in healthy mega-3 fatty acids and has a delicate texture and clean flavour. These cultured Arctic Char are both Ocean Wise "Recommended” and ranked Seafood Watch “Best Choice.”

How to Cook Arctic Char

6oz portions are so versatile as they can be grilled, steamed, poached, sauteed, broiled, and baked. Rich in flavor, this fish needs very little spices or condiments to enjoy its fantastic taste. We love throwing it on our BBQ skin side down with a simple squeeze of lemon or dash of soy sauce. No need for anything else. But be careful - Arctic char is like salmon, it has a firm flesh so it can be overcooked easily. Feline and Dog friendly!!

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