Halibut Wild Pacific 6oz

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6oz Wild Halibut portions

What Is the Flavor of Halibut Like? This lean fish has a mild, sweet-tasting white flesh, similar to tilapia. It's thicker and firmer than cod. Because the flavor is so gentle, halibut pairs well with bolder seasonings like pesto, lemon juice, and basil. 

Except for deep frying and sushi, I usually cook Halibut to an internal temp of about 125° – 130° F. This leaves the fish tender and moist. Below are common methods of cooking this fabulous fish. My favorite is to grill or saute…and of course battered and fried Halibut & Chips!

Halibut are the largest of all flounders/flatfish. They have an average commercial catch weight of 25-30 lbs but can weigh over 600 lbs and be up to 8 feet long. When butchered they yield four fillets or fletches.

Halibut is a right-eyed flounder and have two distinctly colored sides. The top side is a mottled dark brown color, and the bottom side is off white with slight tinges of pink. The females grow to the largest sizes, while males rarely reach weights over 50 pounds.